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Southern California Cosplay Ball

You are cordially invited to attend the Southern California Cosplay Ball!


What is The Southern California Cosplay Ball? Ever wonder your favorite characters would like all dressed up? Here is a wonderful chance to blend cosplay with an elegant night of music, food, and dance.

Where will this be held? Arrangements are being made with The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

When? October or November 2008. -- We are avoiding scheduling it over any convention or gathering already in place.

Does it cost anything? Your ticket to the ball will cost between $65-$80, depending on when you order it. Information on exact pricing will be made available as soon as possible. This ticket includes your admission to the dance and dinner (there is not an option to pay for just one or the other).

Will there be a dress code? There will be a dress code; this is a formal event!

For further information, please feel free to contact me, either by comment or email (

This event is not yet finalized, but information will be posted as it comes. Feel free to offer suggestions, comments, or bring up concerns you’d like addressed! We want to make this an event that everyone will enjoy and remember!
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