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Costumes, Cosplayers and AX '04

Ok, I'm new here but I have a plea. This year for AX '04 my friends, most of which are california natives, are putting together a Magic Knight Rayearth season one cosplay group. We're putting in quite a bit of work and so we would love to have a larger cast to cosplay with. Hence, my plea for everyone. If you know that you are attending Anime Expo 2004 and would like to be part of a group let one of us know. Also, let me clarify group, we're not going to do Masquerade but we are going to stick together for photo ops and just general good times with cameras and what not. So, having said that... We have a: Caldina, Alycone, Ascot and possible Presea. We would love to fill out the rest of the villians (the males in particular). Just reply to this and give me a way to contact you, we'd like pictures of you in something you've cosplayed before and, obviously, who you would like to cosplay as. Please, even if you can't participate if you know someone who can and would fit a character let them know about us. I hate to sound desperate but the more people there are the more fun it will be for everyone involved.

~ Love and Peace, Avari de Lioncourt
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